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Book Expo losing ground???

BEC Still On By Rachel Deahl -- Publishers Weekly, 1/20/2009 12:25:00 PM Despite the fact that a number of major publishers have pulled out of BookExpo Canada, a BEC representative said the show will go on. After HarperCollins, Random House and Penguin all announced that they will not be attending the Canadian counterpart to BookExpo America, news broke earlier this week that Scholastic Canada, H.B. Fenn and Company and a handful of other Canadian houses would also not be going to BEC. Nonetheless, John McGeary, v-p of Canadian events and show manager for BEC, said the decision was made earlier in the year to go ahead with the show and that it is still BEC's intention to hold the annual convention. McGeary, who is also handling the Toronto Book Fair, a consumer show slated for early October, said the hope is that some of the houses that pulled out of BEC may attend the Toronto event. Specifically, McGeary said BEC has met with the three big houses that just pulled out of the convention to gauge their interest in attending the consumer show. McGeary is hoping to release more detailed information on who's attending Toronto within the next month.

Posted 20090120

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