[Kim] works hard for her clients and knows how to get their message out.

- Mi-Jung Lee


T 250.390.9285
January 23, 2018

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A word of caution - do not approach Kim with an idea if you don't want anyone to know about it. It all starts with, "You know, we could.....!" Very shortly, the entire world wide web, radio listeners and newspaper readers know all about it! Thank you so much for your assistance with Rod's election campaign - you were amazing! Big or small - from election campaigns to fruit fly traps that work, Kim can get the word out!
- Rod and Louise Negrave
Rod Negrave - Lantzville City Councillor

Kim was great fun to work with, she has a wealth of contacts and knows how to highlight what you have into what the media will pick up.
- Philip Reece
Saltspring Air

Kimberly has some great networking skills. Traveling all the way from Colorado, I needed fast and effective PR. In 2 weeks prior to my visit, she set up radio and tv spots as well as generated interest from her local column. My trip was so much fun and successful I got to teach my hula hoop workout to a few hundred people thanks to her.
- Betty Hoops
Guiness World Record Holder for Hula Hooping and Running

Kim took over the B.C. publicity of my book Give Peace A Chance which was being handled nationally by the publisher, John Wiley and Sons. I couldn't have been happier with her knowledge of BC media, her relationship with radio and tv outlets and her prompt action on my behalf.
- Joan Athey
Author/Curator of Give Peace a Chance: John Lennon and Yoko Ono book and exhibition.

Kim is a welcome and valuable addition to any team! The Kerplunks saw their names all over the place!
- The Kerplunks
Award winning musicians

Kim consistently gets quality interviews every time she sends a release. Her attention to detail in the press release combined with extensive experience and connections is the perfect mix.
- Gina Mollicone-Long
Author - The Secret of Successful Failing

Kim has been our publicist for 5 years. Every year she has new and exciting media to cover our event. She works with both media and ourselves to come up with fresh ideas to promote the Crawl. This has increased our number of attendees at our event every year.
- Valerie Arntzen
Executive Director, Eastside Culture Crawl Society

I want to thank you for the excellent press coverage you got me in Canada! I still can't believe you got me on Sirrus Radio! Wow! All the interviews you set up where well-planned and right on target! I appreciate all the extra coaching you gave me, your tips, and your "personal touch" of having someone transport me from site to site. Your company is excellent, and I would recommend you to anyone who needs a public relations representative.
- Debbie Silver
Teacher and Author-Drumming to the Beat of Different Marchers

Kim came to me while googling the net for a publicist. I am a little nervous when it comes to doing things via the computer but decided to take a chance. It was one of my best decisions. Kim filled my whole day in Vancouver with media events. She met me at my first stop and got me through the rest of my events. She opened her house up to me and my family making us feel like old friends. I honestly felt like I was her only client. She constantly has a game plan. I'm going to enjoy working with her for awhile.
- Tracey Kuffner
Author/Illustrator and Fibre Artist

Publicity Mavens is where you want your project, regardless of what stage it's at to land. Kim's personal attention to detail and dealings with my own media misgivings have made an instant difference in our book project. You could not be in better hands than with Kim; and if you are lucky as I was, you'll end up calling this incredible woman your friend!
- York Furstenwald
Author - Kids, Guns & The truth

I have had the pleasure of working with Kim for several years now and have found her to be the master of publicity! She has been an ardent supporter of all my children's books and has promoted my work with passion, enthusiasm and unsurpassed savvy. If there is a fun, creative, unique way to promote an idea, Kim is the person to talk to!
- Dianna Bonder
Author - Dogabet, Pacific Alphabet and others

Having worked with a number of PR professionals throughout my career, I can say with authority that Kim is top notch. She not only fulfills her role in gaining maximum exposure for a project, she and her team go above and beyond to make sure all the details are taken care of. I heartily recommend Kim Plumley and Publicity Mavens, and I look forward to working with her again.
- Steve Prentice
Bristall Morgan Inc.

Not only is Kim a blast to work with, but she has great contacts and knows just the right way to get your information across to the people who need to know it the most!
- Brenda Bouw
Author - Home Girl

Working with Kim and her team at Publicity Mavens was great. I was struck not just by the wide spread media attention that my book received, but also the warm greetings we received throughout the tour. Kim's professionalism and kind-nature proceeded us at every stop
- Mark Tewksbury
Author, Olympic gold medalist and nice guy.

Kim is the best publicist that I have ever had the pleasure of dealing with over the past 21 years of doing author media tours. She is very professional, tightly organized, provides ongoing updates to keep the client in the loop, highly-connected with media decision-makers and influencers, and super diligent, pro-active, and resourceful. Along with a charming personality, keen intellect, and sense of humour, Kim is the best in the biz. I would highly recommend Kim to anyone who wants to have the confidence that their media campaign would be conducted in an optimal and successful fashion.
- Douglas Gray
Author - 22 Best Selling Books

I was launching a guidebook in Vancouver, and on very short notice, Kim had a series of radio, TV, and print interviews lined up within a day! That wasn't the end of it. She then briefed me on the programs and hosts, made useful suggestions about topics and how to present them. She then followed up with interview de-briefing to help make subsequent interviews even better. While Kim takes her clients and their work very seriously, she does her job with a totally charming and fun demeanour that instantly makes anyone feel completely comfortable in what could be a stressful situation. Kim is all about personal treatment for each and every project. She made me feel like my project was the most important in the world. When I think publicity, I think of my one and only head Maven!
- Jim McGraw
McGraw Media

Kim Plumley was fully committed to the publicity of my book, Plan B. Not only does she have a deep understanding of the level of detail required to run a solid publicity campaign, but she's developed an excellent network of people who both respect and like her. I wouldn't hesitate to hire her again.
- Hon. Mike Harcourt
former Premier of British Columbia

I couldn't be more pleased with Kim's efforts as my publicist. I had two other publicists, gratis, through my publisher - one based in Toronto and one based in New York. Unfortunately, these folks deal with hundreds of books and I'm afraid mine got lost in the pile. Everything changed the day I hired Kim. In her, I found a knowledgeable and well-connected professional who believed in my book and was able to enthusiastically convince others of its merits. Although Kim was also working on other books, it felt like she was giving my book her undivided attention. Kim is personable, honest, hard-working, attentive, and encouraging. I recommend her without reservation!
- Erika Hilliard
Author - Living Fully with Shyness and Social Anxiety

Kimberly has helped me with my latest exhibition at the Sidney and Gertrude Zack Gallery in Vacouver. It was a real pleasure working with her. All along I felt that she genuinely cared about my needs and my goals, and that she did her work over and above my expectations. She used her extensive connections to the best of her abilities, and if there was no response, it was not for lack of trying. Her warm and pleasant disposition made the working relationship a relaxed and enjoyable one. I would definitely recommend her to anyone who needs to have publicity for any kind of event.
- Pnina Granirer
Visual Artist

Kim Plumley is a hustler. Without even meeting her, she went to bat for me, plugging my book at every turn. If you want results, talk to Kim.
- Stephen Hammond
Author - Managing Human Rights at Work

Kim did a terrific job at booking a complete media tour in the Vancouver area. She has the contacts and the experience to ensure a successful tour. Thanks Kim.
- Tim Cestnick, FCA, CPA, CFP, TEP
Author - Winning the Tax Game

Kim Plumley is a consummate professional who makes it all look lotus-land easy. Don't be fooled. She knows everyone, and has perfected the art of making each and every one - including you - feel special.
- Pauline Couture
Author - Ice

I thoroughly enjoyed working with Kimberly, and particularly appreciated her down-to-earth, encouraging, and personable way of relating and communicating. Using a good sense of humour, and being loyal and dependable, she is the kind of person who makes a professional relationship seem like a friendship.
- Gerda Wever-Rabehl, Ph.D.
Author - Inside the Parrot Cage

The best... if you're looking for results! Kim and her team are fun to work with, highly professional, and always on call.
- Caroline Tapp-McDougall
V-P, BCS Communications

Kim is a P.R. dynamo. She exceeded our expectations and did an outstanding job of getting Larry Farrell on virtually every major media outlet in Vancouver and Victoria, as part of the promotion of his latest book - Getting Entrepreneurial - and the launch of Goossen & Farrell Associates.
- Rick Goossen
CEO, Goossen & Farrell Associates

Kim Plumley is a real pro. She always organizes a fantastic schedule and makes sure that I'm fashionably on time!
- Lisa Tant
Editor-in-Chief, FLARE

Having Kim by your side is like having a sister in the media business. She guides you effortlessly through each of your stops, introduces you to everyone you need to meet, and makes sure you're comfortable and happy. What more can one ask for? Kim's the best!
- Ronit Elk
Author of Breast Cancer for Dummies

It was a pleasure working with Kim. She is lively, talented,diligent, and always available, and she helped make my book a success.
- Dr. Art Hister
Author of Dr. Hister's Guide to a Long and Healthy Life

In working with Kim of Publicity Mavens, I can honestly say, she is one of the most professional, diligent, attentive, publicists I have ever had the privilege of working with. During a recent author tour in Northern B.C., Kim took care of all my publicity needs. She scheduled newspaper interviews, radio and television interviews throughout my stay in Ft. St. John and kept in constant contact with me to ensure my schedule was running smoothly. What was most impressive about this juggling act, was that Kim was expecting a baby at the same time as my trip! Kim was a tremendous asset to this tour and I look forward to working with her for other events.
- Dianna Bonder

Kimberly Plumley of Publicity Mavens did the kind of job for us that most authors only dream about in a publicist. On our first visit to Vancouver in May 2004, we weren't quite sure what to expect. But not a moment of our time was wasted as she packed our schedule with one media interview after another, orchestrating one of the most efficient and effective book tour stops of our careers. What a pro!
- Karen Page and Andrew Dornenburg

St. Patrick's Day, 2004. Kim picked my co-author, Mark Ebner, and I up at 6:30am at the /tragically hip/ Opus Hotel and proceeded to take us on a Canadian media journey that we will never forget. From a peppy local Vancouver morning show to a sophisticated public television longform interview to a double taping of the Vicki Gabereau Show on CTV. Kim put us on the Canadian media map -- all before noon. To say that we had a blast... that were impressed with the lineup Kim set up... her professionalism... is an understatement. We could not recommend her more highly.
- Andrew Breitbart & Mark Ebner
Hollywood, Interrupted

I did not expect to ever find some one as passionate about my book as I am. Kim Plumley is more than a publicist she is part of the team. Kimís work on my radio campaign was nothing short of amazing. Within hours of putting out the first press release, I was on air with an interview. Over the course of the project, Kim made sure to stay on top of everything and everyone. I did more interviews in two weeks than I did in the 4 months prior. Thank you for your passion, your excitement and making my dream come true.
- Tracy Lyn Moland
Mom Management, Managing Mom Before Everybody Else

Kim's work has been critical to getting the word out across Canada about my book. Working at all hours, she pulled together a string of radio interviews, which jump started sales of my US published book about President Bush. Judging from the comments I got from radio talk show hosts and producers, she is equally thorough and helpful to them. She is great with the details. And that's where all success begins.
- James C. Moore
Co-author: Bush's Brain: How Karl Rove Made George W. Bush Presidential

Kim made all the media arrangements when our Executive Editor Lisa Tant visited Vancouver this spring. We were thrilled not only with the media results Kim delivered but also her exceptional service and attention to every detail. We can't wait to work with her again!
- Marnie McCann
Marketing Manager, Chatelaine Magazine

Kimberly came highly recommended by a business colleague and thoroughly fulfilled expectations. She does her homework, is full of creative energy, and is genuinely interested in her clients' work. She is extremely well-organized, is very good at shepherding her clients through the media maze, and it's obvious from her rapport with her media contacts that she is regarded as a professional.
- Alan Robertson
author of The Last Generation

I loved working with Kimberly Ė she's conscientious, reliable, focused, and persistent. My day with her was packed with interviews, and she'd organized it beautifully.
- Mark Bittman
New York Times columnist and bestselling cookbook author

Kim Plumley is a publicity machine -- someone who is always looking for creative ways to help spread the word about me and my books. She has helped me to land interviews with high-profile media outlets on both sides of the border and has constantly awed me with her commitment to customer service. Whether she's e-mailing journalists to pitch them story ideas or chatting up her many media contacts on the phone, I know she's putting forth 110% effort on my behalf. (Forget the diamonds: Kim Plumley is an author's best friend!).
- Ann Douglas
Bestselling author of 21 books

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